Berkshire West Kid's Club is Currently Not Available
A Fun Place for Your Kids, So You Can Workout

                                                            Berkshire West Athletic Club is pleased to offer FREE child care as a service to our members.

                             We know how 
difficult it can be for parents to find time for themselves. Let us help you to facilitate your exercise program.




Saturday 8:30am - 11:30am  Fees Apply to Everyone
FEES are Per Hour
(Prices Subject to Change)
 Infants: Ages 3 to 12 months  $6.00  
 Toddlers: Ages 12 to 36 months  $5.00  
 Children: Ages 3 to 10 years old  $4.50  
 Additional Children of the Same Family  $3.00  

Kids' Club Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Kid's Club staff members are available to care for children while their parents are using our facility.
  • Parents may not leave the B.W.A.C. property while their children are at Kid's Club.
  • Staff members, can not feed children, administer medications or change diapers.
  • Kid's Club staff will notify you during your workout if your child needs a diaper change, is displaying illness, has a discipline problem, or has been crying for more than ten minutes.
  • Once notified parents have ten minutes to return to the Kid's Club.
  • Due to safety concerns and food allergies, we are unable to serve snacks. 
  • If your child has been ill (fever, vomiting, diarrhea or severe cough) within 24 hours please refrain from bringing them to the Kid's Club.
  • Parents should feel free to bring in a bottle or a cup with a lid for your child.

Kids' Club Staff:

Because we know that the safety and protection of your children is of the utmost importance.
All of our Kids’ Club staff members undergo rigorous background and reference checks.