Berkshire West Buddy Program 

The Buddy Program is a short term program designed to optimize your club 
experience through a managed program of exercise and/or sports specific training.
Each two/three person team will decide upon shared objectives for an eight week 
period. These objectives could range from weight loss to improved strength and agility for a specific sport (for example; golf, tennis, rowing, cycling etc….),  or simply to manage and improve your overall fitness level.

The team and it’s trainer will develop a road map for the eight week session. 
The team and trainer will meet twice each week for one half hour personal training sessions.

The trainer will monitor progress and make changes in the program as required.
The Buddy Program enables Berkshire West to bring you the very best in personal training 
at a very affordable price.

Program includes:
  • 16 thirty minute personal training sessions ($320 value)
  • One RMR assessment per person ($75 value)
  • Weight and Body Mass Measurement Monitoring
Program Cost:  $232 per person

Massage Options:  
Members can receive two 60 minute Swedish massages 
at a price of $95 dollars.  
Massages must be paid in advance as part of the program. 
Massages must be performed during the 8 week period following registration.

(Please Note: the Trim and Tone short term membership program is for new members only.)

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