Berkshire West Trim and Tone - 2012
Trim and Tone

Trim and Tone is a 2 month
program intending to trim
and tone individuals in 
preparation for the spring and
summer seasons. 
Classes will be identified as 
optimal to shape and 
tone. The program requires a short term membership 
at our annual monthly rate of $39 (vs. $75 short term
rate)  per month and a registration fee of $25 dollars. 
4 specialty classes will be available for a fee of $5 per 
class (open to all club members for fee).
Enrollees are welcome to participate in any of our classes and have Fit-only membership privileges.

Massage Options:  Members can receive two 60 minute Swedish massages at a price of $95 dollars.  
Massages must be paid in advance as part of the program.  
Massages must be performed during the 8 week period following registration.

(Please Note: the Trim and Tone short term membership program is for new members only.)

Specialty Class Schedule: To be announced
  • Aqua Zumba
  • TRX

Includes: 2 months membership  ($225 value)

 COST:   $78.00  MEMBERSHIP FEES (2 month membership)
   $103.00 TOTAL