Paul s a personal trainer at Berkshire West Athletic Club and joined the team in 2015. 

Paul has several years of experience in exercise physiology and strength and conditioning, 

he brings a wealthy of knowledge and education for all our members as well as clients!

Along with having a background in physical education, Paul has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from 

SUNY - Cortland and a minor in Sport Management and is also certified through the American Council 

of Exercise (ACE) as a personal trainer!

Paul is able to utilize his history of working in summer camps with children varying between 

the ages 4 to 13 to understand progressions and learning curves of individuals. Using both 

experience and education, Paul has worked professionally with a variety of clients that have a wide 

range of goals, from the ages of 16 to 73. 

Combined with Paul’s own personal interest in Crossfit, he can bridge the gap between extreme fitness levels 

and novice fitness levels of all ages.

Paul specializes in functional fitness training (total body), High Intensity Interval Training (both with and without weights), 

as well as competitive/ Olympic weight training. Paul works passionately with each client regardless of their 

experience and/or fitness levels. Paul strives to push each client to reach every goal they wish to attain by 

bringing energy and a positive attitude to each session.

Paul is available by appointment and can be contacted at the front desk of Berkshire West AC.

Paul Morse; ACE C.P.T.