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Tuan Nguyen







Tuan Nguyen is the Co-Fitness Director at Berkshire West Athletic Club! Tuan has also been the Coach/ Program Director for a number of nationally ranked All-stars cheerleading teams, aiding them in winning over 22 National Championships!! Tuan is strong in both education and experience, with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Rehabilitation and minor in Psychology with over 12 years of coaching experience in a variety of sports.

Tuan is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Functional Movement Specialist, and a Corrective Exercise Specialist! Tuan combines these professional and educational credentials to offer a blend of current scientific training techniques with real-world application, building a bridge from the lab to his client, athletes, and students. He is currently working as the head coach and choreographer for Berkshire Elite All-Star Cheerleading at the Infield Academy in Pittsfield, MA; coaching athletes ranging from the ages of 5 to young adults.

Tuan is also an accomplished hip hop dancer competing on the World Circuit at the World of Dance in San Diego, CA and placing top 3 in the small senior category in 2001.

Tuan strives to treat all clients with the same respect and careful attention whether they are a fitness guru or just starting out on a fitness regiment. Tuan’s enthusiasm as a coach allows him to help clients work through difficult times as well as celebrates their success.

Tuan is available by appointment and can be contacted at the front desk of Berkshire West AC.

Tuan Nguyen; ACSM C.P.T.