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Clinics and Lessons

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Racquet Stringing


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4-Person Doubles Strategy Clinics

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In-House Leagues

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USTA Leagues

Round Robins

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Ball Machine

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World Team Tennis

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Boot Camp

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Need A Racquet? Try a Demo and then Decide

Partner/Program Matching

Hit with a Pro

Berkshire West Athletic Club Tennis Programs

Clinics and Lessons    We offer clinics and lessons for men and women at all levels.  Contact us for information on our pre-programmed clinics or to schedule your own.  

Racquet Stringing   Our racquet stringing is convenient and affordable, with short turn-around time.  

Contracts   For those interested in playing with their team members and friends on a regular basis, group contracts are available.  Contracts enable groups of players to reserve a court at the same time each week for our 36-week “prime” season.  

Partner /Program Matching    If you are looking for a match, clinic or program, but don’t have a partner or opponent, or don’t see something that coincides with your skill and schedule, let us know.  We will do our best to find you a partner, or put together a clinic to meet your needs.  

USTA Leagues   If you are looking for organized, competitive play opportunities, our club hosts several USTA league teams from the Western Mass area.  If you are looking for a team, or have a team and are looking for a home, let us know.    

In-House Leagues - We have a 4.0/4.5 Fixed Partner League Monday evenings.  If you are interested in good competitive tennis, but don’t want to commit to a USTA league, this might work for you.   Let us know your level of play and we’ll work on making it happen.

Round Robins   Currently on hold.   Email:

Ball Machine   If you are interested in hitting with a ball machine at any time, please let us know.  It is $15 per hour plus applicable court fees.   

World Team Tennis   WTT was very popular last year.  We hope this will begin in October.  If you would like to Captain a 3.5 or 3.0 team, or be a participant contact  

Accelerated Junior Development (XJD)  This is an elite class of 4 students who have attended tryouts and meet the criteria set by the teaching professional Tom Villetto.

Pro-Assisted High School Competitive Play  Every Friday from 4-6 p.m.  No reservation necessary.  $20 per person, will start up in late October.

New Junior Development Program New program, new descriptions, new pricing.  Our goal is to make Berkshire West THE place to come if you want to improve.

Accelerated Adult Development (XAD)  XAD will start up soon.  We’ll have try-outs for qualification and proper placement.  The goal is to take good players and turn them into great players.  This program is intended for the player who seriously wants to put in the hard work in order to improve.